Hourly Services

Hourly Services


K2 Construction has the right equipment for every job! From backhoes, excavators and skid loaders, to dump trucks, side dump trucks and snow removal equipment, our service and responsiveness is guaranteed. K2 offers the best equipment and hourly services available. The following prices are subject to change without notice.


Equipment Hourly Rates – 2012






Minimum Charge for Trenchers



Minimum Charge for all other Machines



Minimum Trip Charge for all Snow Removal



Backhoe CAT 420C



Backhoe Attachments



12 Metric Ton Excavator



20 Metric Ton Excavator



25 Metric Ton Excavator



30 Metric Ton Excavator



40 Metric Ton Excavator



Excavator Attachments



Mini Excavator



Track Loader 2 ¾ yd CAT 963C



Track Loader (Bobcat size) CAT 257



Rubber Tire Loader 2 ½ yd



Concrete Breaker (Breaking & Tamping)






Bobcat (753)



Bobcat Attachments



Single Axle Dump Truck



Tandem Axle Dump Truck



Side Dump Truck



Labor – Per Hour



Foreman – Per Hour



Geothermal Pipe Technician



Air Compressor and Tools



Minimum Charge for Concrete Breaker



Directional/Auger Boring

Call for prices


Pipe Ramming

Call for prices


Pipe Bursting

Call for prices


Hydro Excavator (Vacuum Excavator)

Call for prices


Vertical Drilling

Call for prices


Geothermal Loop Drilling

Call for prices


Concrete Saw (to 6″ wide 30″ deep)

Call for prices


Frost Cutting

Call for prices


Trench Shoring

Call for prices

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